The Carmel Cats middle school football team was founded in 2005.  It began as an effort between parents and coaches of student athletes from Carmel Christian School and Covenant Day School. These leaders desired to have a full contact school football experience at the middle school ages in a Christian environment.  The Cats team was also known as a South Charlotte community team because it allowed homeschool students and students from private schools with no football programs to play.  These families wanted their sons to be able to stay at their private schools or home schools, but also have the opportunity to play school football.  
As the Cats team experienced great success on the field, its reputation in the community began to grow as a quality football program, ethically led, well-coached, and fulfilling its Christian mission.  As players aged into the high school years, it was important to families to allow the opportunity to continue to play while still staying in their school.  This led to the sister team affiliation with the Carolina Pride football club, a south Charlotte football program for high school players that also has a like-minded Christian mission.  The Carmel Cats now serve as a middle school feeder football program to the Carolina Pride.  Each football club has an excellent reputation in the Charlotte football school community and conferences.  Each has also been regularly producing football players who have gone on to excel at the college level.  
For the first few years, the Cats played as an independent team against local private and public middle school football teams.  Several years ago, Cats coaches organized a new middle school football conference, the QCC, which allowed the Cats to compete for a regular season title, playoffs, and a conference championship.  
Today, the QCC conference has 7 teams: Carmel Cats, Community School of Davidson, Davidson Day School, Mountain Island Charter School, Pine Lake Prep, St. Mark, and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy.  Two years ago, the Cats changed its name from the Carmel Covenant Cats to the Carmel Cats as an important goal and milestone was reached.  Covenant Day School established its own school football program that year, and the leaders of the Cats are excited to have birthed this team and see its success.  
The Carmel Cats continue to serve the Carmel Christian School community, home school community, and other private schools in the South Charlotte area.  It is a an ongoing goal to model and birth new football programs at other schools that can do so in a Christian environment. The Carmel Cats are committed to fielding quality football teams led by Christian role models and developing well-rounded young men of God.